Maryland Advanced Orthodontics

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Office Visits

Your First Visit: We offer a complimentary initial consultation “first visit.” At your first visit, the orthodontist will perform a brief examination of the patient’s teeth and facial structures. The doctor will determine whether or not treament is required and, if this is the appropriate time to initiate treatment. If treatment is necessary, the doctor will recommend specific treatment, give you an estimate of treatment time, exact cost and payment options. If there are insurance issues, they will addressed at this time as well. Once everyone feels comfortable with the treatment plan, fees, and insurance issues, appointments will be scheduled to start treatment.

Apprehensive?: Not knowing what to expect can be a major cause of apprehension. With this in mind, every effort is made to relieve and reduce our patients' and parents' anxiety by thoroughly explaining all procedures, financial responsibilities, and office functions before we begin treatment. We believe it is important that we explain the orthodontic process and procedures so our patients and their parents understand our mutual goals of achieving esthetics, function and oral health. 

Because most orthodontic treatment is not emergent care by nature, most procedures can be performed at a pace that is comfortable for the patient. We understand that some patients may be more comfortable moving at a slower pace. Also, for any orthodontic procedure that will be done, we use a technique called "Tell, Show, Do"...

Tell Show Do: For any orthodontic  procedure that will be done, the patient will first be Told what we are going to do. Then we Show them how it will be performed and then we Do the procedure. This makes orthodontics much less scary for our patients. Also, every patient and parent is given instructions for all procedures performed in our office.

A lot of patients and/or parents like to go to our website patient forms area to learn more about specific appliances that we have recommended to educate themselves prior to the visit that is scheduled to place any appliance.

Starting Treatment: Most often, one or more visits (approximately one week apart) are needed to initiate treatment. A set of diagnostic records is necessary for each active patient in our office. Diagnostic records include; digital models of the teeth, photographs, and x-rays of the patients teeth and jaws. We will make sure that the patient knows exactly what’s going on during each visit. In fact, we use a technique called Tell, Show, Do for patients of all ages (see above).